Art Friday: Views from a window

Art Friday: View from a window

I have no idea, but I love photography and artwork that involves windows. Not sure why I am drawn to scenes like these, perhaps I love to glimpse the world from the safety of a cosy room. Are you like me and like windows? Cats also love windows and will spend hours looking through with no interesting of going outside.  

Please enjoy this collection of "Views from a window".

Fritz von Uhde
Rafaael Durancamps
Salvador Dali

Francis Davis Millet
William Henry Margetson

Ken Howard
Robert Aaron Frame

Steve Hank
Carl Holsoe
Peter Vilhelm
Sorry - but I just had to include some cats and windows as they go hand-in-hand. Cats love windows as much as me.

Hope you have enjoyed these:) I will leave you with this very cute mouse!



  1. Oh yes, I LOVE windows and the views from them (unless it's in a city and all you see is a brick wall or something)... I love the brightness windows give, too.

    1. City windows aren't as exciting as a lovely country window!!

  2. I didn't realize it but I like the window scenes too. There is something so tranquil about them. Thank you for sharing this lovely art. I enjoyed this visit to the museum today :)

    1. I also found these very tranquil and serene - I love to sit at my dinning table or my favourite chair in my study and looking at the window and looking at the garden and watching the birds play. Very calming.

  3. What an adorable theme and a great collection. I haven't had much time for blogging, Jo, but one of these days I must do a blog to link to your art Fridays. They always bring me such joy. Loves,

    1. Thanks Laura :)) I am so glad these art fridays bring you much joy:)

      have a lovely weekend.

  4. You omitted one of my favorites: Hans Heysen. Sewing (the artist's wife) 1913. oil on canvas | 59.0 x 64.0 cm

  5. ... we have it framed and hanging in our living room (not the original, of course!!)

  6. Probably it will be no surprise to you that the cat ones are my favourite!!!!

    1. None at all !!!! And I know those readers who aren't cat lovers too :(


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