Inspiring Friday

Earlier this week I wrote about the importances of telling children the truth about world events. The article I linked to made a very important comment:  
Point your kids toward all the good that is happening.

This is so true because there is a lot of good happening around us, but sadly we usually only hear of the bad and that gives such a lopsided view of the world. 
So, whilst it is important to tell your kids about world events, balance it with the beauty that is all around us. Just check out nature and it will blow you away:
Sunsets Sunrises Thunderstorms Autumn (Fall) Spring

However,  don't forget all the people that are doing great work every day and we simply forget to acknowledge them:
The paramedics The  fire fighters The police Teachers Doctors and nurses Those who collect my garbage The lady in the supermarket The farmers growing my food The charity workers looking out for the less fortunate  . . . 
They all do invaluable work but we rarely ever say thanks. 

Women of the bible: JOANNA

Joanna: who was she and why is she mentioned in the bible. 
Only mentioned three times in the bible, Joanna was significant enough to be mentioned by Luke.  We don’t know her family, what village she grew up in, or if she had many children. This is what we know about her. 
Firstly, Joanna was an wealthy upper-class Jewish woman and married to Chuza, an influential member of the staff to Herod Antipas, the Roman appointed ruler of Galilee.
Secondly, at some stage in Joanna’s life she came into direct contact with Jesus of Nazareth who cured her of an unspecified illness. Luke’s gospel mentions ‘evil spirits’ and ‘infirmities’, which means that Joanna’s illness could have been almost anything.
And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils,  And Joanna the wife of Chuza Herod's steward, and Susanna, and many others, which ministered unto him of their substance. (Luke 8:2-3)
Whatever her illness, the miracle o…

Helping kids process news reports of violence

“In today's media-saturated culture, families are surrounded by accounts of shootings, bombings and other mass killings. Our kids won't fully understand these stories, but they'll be frightened just the same. As parents, we need to help them have the necessary facts to process these tragic events and a larger understanding to ease their fears.” (LINK: Focus on the Family)
I am not one that believes in keeping children hidden from world events. I think they do need to know (and understand) what is happening around them (in an age appropriate way) so once older, it doesn’t all comes as a shock and they are unable to cope with what is happening around them. Children pick up bits and pieces from the news (TV, radio and newspaper), other sources on the internet and via listening into adult conversation, so adults do need to help their children make sense of what is happening rather than them trying to find it out on their own. 
We cannot shield our children from these events and …

Colourful Friday: Wheelbarrow garden

I have always wanted a wheelbarrow garden but didn't have an old wheelbarrow to make one in until our neighbour gave us her old one. We now use the one we were given, and turned our old barrow into this lovely garden. My husband painted it green, put holes in the bottom (lots) and here it is. Doesn't it look lovely.  I have planted pansies, sweet pea (which you can see dangling over the edge) and a few bulbs. It is a lovely splash of colour in my winter garden. I am also thrilled that plants have popped up underneath and now it looks like it has been here for ages.


Today's gem is by R. J. Miller and as relevant today as it was when it was written over 100 years ago. 
WORRY . . . we live in a society that worries a great deal. We worry about money, jobs, security, housing, food on the table, our children, our futures, ourselves, the world in general . . . and the list goes on.
A recent study revealed that young people today are worrying more than ever.  Many feel that their future is bleak . . . at a time when they should be carefree and enjoying life, many are worrying to the point of illness. 
R. J. Miller wrote the piece below before World War One and he was concerned about the level of worry in society — what would he say about 2017. 
An English writer calls worry the disease of the age
It is not a normal, but an unwholesome condition. In a perfectly healthy state one does not worry — but has the simple trust of a little child.
I want to talk to young people on this subject. But do young people ever worry? It would seem that they shou…

Part 7: Working christian women: what to wear?

Part 7: What am I going to wear to work?
In like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing (1 Timothy 2:9)
Whether at home, visiting friends, going to a party or going off to work — we need to wear clothes that reflect our Christian life. This post is as relevant to a stay-at-home mum to one that works. 
As Christian working women we must not ignore the fact that the clothes we wear contribute to the impression others have of us. If we wear revealing clothes, short skirts, tight outfits etc.. and at the same time call ourselves Christian, what message are we sending our workmates. Something very confusing. 
We are carrying the reputation of Jesus Christ with us, so it is important that our personal appearance never hinders our witness. Whilst it is important to be smartly dressed at work   (or if we are going off to church) we need to make sure that we are not standing out as a…

Its Friday :)

I am feeling a little melancholy of late. Perhaps because it is the start of winter and it's turned cold  all of a sudden or just because of nothing much at all. The news of late has been so sad — in fact I have been reading the newspapers of late trying to find a good news story to share, to no avail. There just hasn't been any.  No wonder God asks us to only focus on what is good and pure to keep our hearts and minds from sinking into despair.  
Anyway I really couldn't think of anything to write about today and with very few visitors these days, I am sure it will be ok to post a few pics of my darling cats who bring me much joy. Plus a photo of my shoes which I think are rather cute. 

Lily and Ruby watching "Youtube for Cats"

Ruby in charge of the washing.